"Dr. Joe Agris"


Years ago Doc Joe and Marvin Zindler (deceased) formed the Agris-Zindler Children’s Foundation to deliver medical care to all children across the world. It’s said that if you want something done, and done right ask a busy person. That would be our “Doc Joe,” whose deep passion for his work, and love for his fellow man make it almost impossible for him to say “no” when a child needs his expertise...


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"The Dilemma"


Every two minutes a child is born with a birth defect. These children need special attention, yet many fall between the cracks of the system.  The figure is horrifying! Not all children are born equal. We are dedicated to identifying the problems.... bringing about solutions, and mobilizing resources for the implementation of needed care ....



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"People Helping People"


Mankind owes to children the best it has to give. However, this care is often costly but it is an affordable cost if each of us will give something. We will make public the "silent catastrophes" which can ravage any child. An inescapable truth which you, through your gift, have the means to remedy. This will require the active support of individuals such as yourself...



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